7 Things Men Should Do When Their Live-In Girlfriends Leave Town For The Weekend

Thought Catalog

I was left — nay, abandoned by my girlfriend last week. Not, like, permanently, but for four days while she was off on a business trip. Those days were not easy. I’m not saying I want her to put her career on hold for me; far from it. It’s more that when she’s not around, I am incapable of deciding what to do with all the free time I have at my disposal. I’m a “hot mess,” as the kids say these days. What am I supposed to eat? When am I supposed to eat? Which hole does my food go in? Which of these metal things do I use to pick up my food? What’s a plate? Does Taco Bell deliver?

All of these questions are impossible for me to answer! I need my lady here to nursemaid me through life. How does one function when the responsible adult…

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